Are these apps useful?

Many language learning apps have showed up in the last years. Although  we all know that they will never replace an immersion in another country or a language teacher, they can appear to be more and more useful, efficient and relevant when it comes to improve your listening, reading and writing skills.

What is the best app?

In order to ease your search, Society Babel gives you a Top 5 of the best language learning apps to accompany you during your language journey.

Top 5:

  1. DuoLingo

screen duolingo

The most popular language courses app

The app of the mascot owl is now used by 300 million language learners. It provides a program that could work for you. By using it 10 minutes a day you’ll be surprise by your progress.

There are over 30 languages to choose from, all completely free with the free version.

  1. Busuu

busuu screen

An app in collaboration with experts

This app offers to create your own language learning study plan and track your dail progress.

The langues courses are created by language experts who are native speakers in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese and more.

  1. Memrise

memrise screen

The learning science

The app uses the knowledge of acquisition, teaching and learning and allows you to learn with locals, practice games, improve your pronunciation, learn anywhere and also helps you buid an entertaining learning habit.

  1. LinguaLift

lingualift screen

Dedicated tutors

LinguaLift calmly immerses you into the language learning. The concepts, grammar and pronunciation are broken down very clearly and served in a gamified way that’s straightforward, simplified and addictive.

  1. HelloTalk

hellotalk screen

The largest exchange community

The app is now the first global language and culture exchange community. It gets you connected with real people who might become your “penpals” that can help your learning / grammar / accent, explain the culture to you, be your travel buddy or even a friend.

Good luck on your journey!

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