All educational sheets are designed specifically for the website

The designers, all volunteers, give up their copyrights, without any financial interest to the site

These cards are put online and downloadable for free on the site.

Our goal is to pool resources and share with colleagues around the world.

The pedagogical approach followed is that recommended by many pedagogues of French as a foreign language: the communicative approach.

We thank all the people who share and use our educational sheets. We remind you that it is important to keep the header of the sheets, on which appears the name of the author and the address of the site, when these are photocopied for use in class.

You can also share our educational sheets on your site and on your social networks by quoting the source site or by integrating a direct link.

You can not use the whole or part of a material to publish it to your name on another site.

Some documents are documents posted on other sites that are not specifically designed for the website You will always find the link to the site concerned for each of these documents. Here too, the references must be kept when printing.

If you notice an anomaly concerning the source of a document, please contact us via the contact form.


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