Want to give a fresh look and credibility to your writings?

Eloquent Nation provides the following services to give a fresh, clean look and credibility to your writings :


  • Reading and evaluating
  • Editing materials submitted for publication
  • Conferring with authors regarding changes in content, style or organisation
  • Ensuring that illustrations are correctly captioned and referred to in the text
  • Sub-edit texts written by different authors to ensure consistent house style

Proofreading :

  • Reading and evaluating
  • Essay, articles, CV, cover letters
  • Giving a detailed and correction and feedback
  • Giving a fresh look and credibility to your documents.

Let’s build something together.

About us

Eloquent Nation is a platform sharing pedagogical material and ideas. The services (teaching, tutoring, proofreading, editing) we provide are also displayed on the site.

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